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Day Safari with Safaria.

A lot has happened since March 2019 but we are grateful to say that we have successfully made it through a pandemic and thanks to all our loyal clients, and future clients, are looking forward to many wonderful Kruger National Park Safaris in 2023. To provide you peace of mind, lets walk you through the steps of booking your Safari. Its as simple as 2 emails. 
BUT…just before you start planning your Kruger National Park Safari – Have you considered when you want to travel and the different seasons on Kruger ? read here for more….
It all starts with looking through our site and deciding you would like to take a Single Day Safari in Kruger National Park or would you like to book a longer Overnight Kruger National Park Safari for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Days. Once you’ve decided then its time to take action but if you need a little help then lets discuss exactly what it is that you would like to do so we can personalise your request.
Firstly you will either send us a Contact Us request or a booking request via the specific Day or Overnight Safari that you wish to book. Once we have received your email request we will confirm your activity date and availability as well as the final safari rate, inclusions and travel details. This typically will outline the number of guests, which gate we will enter through, if we will meet you there or collect you from your hotel (if within 10km of nearest gate) and which camps we will stay at if you book an overnight safari. For Day Safaris we can either include your entrance fees to the park or you can pay these yourself on the morning. We typically like to pay these and administrate this on your behalf as part of our service and to ensure that the process is quick and efficient without you having to stand in queues. Entrance fees charged at the SANParks simulated rates and guests will require their South African Identification document or International Passport. Check out more about Day Visitors to Kruger here.
If you need to know more about the Rules and Regulations in the Kruger National Park then i suggest you click here!
Once we have confirmed these details with you we will provide you with a booking proforma invoice that will confirm your safari details along with payment reference details. Once we have received your payment confirmation we will provide you with a invoice and booking confirmation for the day. The entire booking process is overseen by Andrew (the owner) and you also have direct contact with him via email or WhatsApp our contact number +27835567249. We want you to know that communication is easy and our process is transparent. We are a private registered company, who are VAT registered members of SARS (SA Revenue Services) as well as members of South African Tourism (SATSA). This means that we adhere to both a legal and financial process for business efficiency and continuity but also to provide our clients with peace of mind that we are who we say we are and we do what we say we do. 
As a Privately Guided Safari experience it means that we operate on a exclusive basis and that each booking is exclusive to that day of Safari. So when we take bookings we do ask for either a deposit if the booking is well in advance or full payment within 7 days of departure. This is because our guides are then booked and confirmed and any other bookings made on the same day by other parties will either try to be moved or sadly declined due to lack of availability because of your confirmed booking. Your deposit or payment in full confirms and secures your booking. Please refer to our cancellation terms and conditions for more info around our cancellation or date rescheduling policies. 
Something we believe very strongly in is the Privately Guided Experience. Anyone can say they offer a “Privately Guided Experience” but it comes down to the quality of the guided experience, the detail and insights offered, the personal and professional engagement and all the smaller touches that create an exceptional memory. This is what we are all about, offering the quality over quantity to ensure that our clients have the best adventures in Kruger. Our philosophy is guided by the a single principle, and that is to celebrate nature and share our deep passion for the African wilderness and of course the Kruger National Park. We are a business and safari experience that focusses on the individual, family or small group that wants a more personalised experience in Kruger rather than being part of a “sausage machine” churning out safaris, only chases the big 5 and clock watches each day…. Sorry, thats just not us. We appreciate that everyone has their way of doing things, and thats cool, its just not the way we do things. 
All our Safaris are privately guided by Andrew Wagner and his carefully selected team if he’s not available. All our guides have a minimum FGASA level 2 qualification, they are Trails Guides, have a Tracking qualification as well as being local specialist Birding Guides. There are no short cuts, these are the minimum standards because they matter, and they also mean that when you are with our Guides in Kruger you are with a small handful of the absolute best. They have the knowledge and experience to provide a world class guided experience. We do this because your experience matters to us. If you only have one single day to experience Kruger National Park we want to make sure that there are no short cuts and that we can give you the best possible experience available. Thats what we do!
SO, if you have any further uncertainty please give us a call. We would love to engage and help you better understand what to expect. 
Hope that helps – Andrew

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