10 Reasons to visit Kruger National Park with Safaria

With so many options to choose from we ourselves are overwhelmed by the number of Safari operators that you can choose from to take you on a Safari in the Kruger National Park. We tried to put ourselves in our clients shoes when making a decision on who to select and decided that we would rather give you 10 good reasons to go with Safaria. 

Reason 1 – We are a authentic safari operator and tour operator – we are the real deal !

So what does that mean ? It means that the vast majority of what you see is not actually conducted by that company but rather someone else who was prepared to meet their rate requirement. This is a dangerous to way to make your choice unless you are happy to share and travel on a very lite budget. On-selling in most cases erodes quality and can leave one disputing what was paid for. 

Travelling with us is exactly that, we personally engage you and design your safari around your expectation and then we also deliver it.  We have our own brand new state of the art safari vehicles and our own guides personally guide you throughout your Safari. This offers you peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with the origin operator and that standards are not compromised. 

Reason 2 – What our clients say

Perhaps the easiest way to give you any reason at all to book with Safaria would be to simply let you see what our clients say. You are welcome to see exactly what they have all personally said on TripAdvisor or Facebook or even Google. Here is just one of the many things our clients have to say :

Having led over a 130 tours all over the world, I really do believe Safaria is one of the best operators I have had a chance to work with”  – Gregory Smith – Naturalist Journeys USA.

Reason 3 – Our Safari Style

Our Safari style is one of many special ingredients that help create our personalised safari experience’s, and it all stars with passion. We pour hours and days into planning every single one of our Safaria itineraries. From our Kruger National Park Day Safaris to our Overnight Safaris, we have taken our time to establish routes that embody the essence of each experience and capture all of the history and heritage of the regions we travel through  as well as great detail on all of the Fauna and Flora of Kruger. This is so important to us because we believe that every client should have the opportunity to experience the very best of Kruger and there is just no way a daily departure can offer that. If its a Day Safari, Overnight Safari or Special Interest Safari, we personalise each trip to our clients, their interests and then deliver it to the highest standard. As the pioneers of the Premium Kruger National Park Safari experience we have a vast network of colleagues and specialists that collaborate with us on all aspects of “Kruger”. When we add this all together we create our very own Safaria formula and its blends decades of Kruger knowledge and experience with ancient bush wisdoms and modern day sciences to offer clients a wonder-filled storyboard.

Wouldn’t you want to know that your Safari operator has personally gone to great lengths to ensure that they personally offer you the best Kruger experience out there!



As soon as the load shedding ends, the next 7 points will follow 🙂

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