Kruger Park Day Safari – Which are the best places to visit?

Kruger Park Day Safari – Which are the best places to visit?

November 14, 2017

This is a very good question. Within the southern portion of the park, known as the Marula region, Pretoriouskop section alone is 55,000Ha. So where would you go if you only had a day to visit the Kruger National Park?

Firstly this is why its so important to choose a day safari specialist like Safaria, because we’ve spent many hours traveling through the Kruger in search of beautiful locations, areas rich with wildlife and heritage so that we can create a storyboard that will ensure our guests have the ultimate experience. This is what makes Safaria the premium Kruger Park day safari experience. We are not your typical Open Safari vehicle operator, we are owner driven and provide all the finer touches, just have a look at what our guests have too say.


Our suggestions are definitely personal and they make our list based on our own criteria – these are what we look for in Kruger :

  • Landscapes that take your breath away.
  • History and heritage – we love sharing the history!
  • Roads that create intrigue and mystery
  • Water sources are critical, particularly in the dry months
  • Slope sequence to follow geology and soils
  • Riparian river courses


Perhaps some of the above may require more explanation but in summary we love areas that provide us the opportunity to explain how geology effect flora which in turn effect wildlife.

So here are some of our favorite spots in the Southern Region of the Kruger National Park.

  • The Voortrekker Trail also know as the Jock Trail (H2-2) is road steeped in history and story’s of the original Voortrekkers, Transport Riders and a doggy named Jock of the Bushveld.
  • Biyamiti Weir on the S114 incorporates different soil substrates and allows you to sit eye to eye with a croc or hippo at the actual weir. This road follows the river north providing ample sightings opportunity.
  • On the S65 there is an exquisite riparian zone at the Nwaswatishaka crossing with beautiful trees and dappled light. Magic for Leopards and browsing game.
  • The Sabie River Road (S3) is one of favorite birding roads. Early morning in the summer months along the river provides for stunning birding with mixed savanna woodland and water frontage.
  • The actual granite outcrops known as the Renosterkoppies on the S114 are marvel of natural art. They also are regularly visited by Leopard and Lion making then quite a hotspot.
  • The H4-1 between Skukuza and Lower Sabie is rather busy road but it makes our list because as you meander along the river you do have a few great views of the river and game is abundant. It’s a rather infamous road for extraordinary sights. Our favorite stretch is the 8km between the H12 bridge and Nkuhlu picnic site.
  • If you haven’t experienced the view from the Nkumbe viewpoint on the H10 then it’s a must. Its also has less traffic and makes for some good personal space.
  • Lastly the S28 between Croc Bridge and Lower Sabie camp is a beautifully scenic route that in the summer months offers plentiful game and beautiful views.


Finally it has to be said that there is no better way to see Kruger than from an Open Safari Vehicle. Safaria offers guests expert guides in the most luxurious vehicles found in the park. The Safaria difference is our personal touch, our Safaria storyboard and an in-depth educational approach to ensuring our guests leave exhilarated, educated and in touch with the marvel and wonder of the Kruger National Park.



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