Meet your Safaria Guides

We believe that your Guide is your experience creator and so we have put a team of highly qualified, highly experienced and respected guides together to show you Kruger. 

Our team of Safaria guides have been carefully selected for their unique set of skills, their experience in Kruger and of course a passion for sharing this with our guests.  Their accumulative knowledge spans 80 years of exploring Kruger and 30 years guiding clients through its 2 million hectares with over 2,000 kilometres of road, 22 camps, hundreds of water points, 6 main river systems, 35 eco-zones, 151 mammals, 520 birds, roughly 2,400 species of flora and 150 years of fascinating history.
Each of guides understands what it means to create a wonder-filled experience with a diverse and never ending storyboard that fascinates and intrigues. For us its more than the so called famous 5 species of Africa, its a holistic experience that disconnects a person from the present and reconnects them with an ancient relationship between man and the savanna. Its a storyboard that reflects on the last 150 years of the south eastern corner of South Africa and its also an invitation and adventure into wild places. Our guides understand this narrative and would love to share their passion with you. 
We are story-tellers | We are Naturalists | We are passionate about the Kruger National Park. 
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