The Northern Kruger National Park Region 

The Northern Kruger hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years, in-fact it still feels the same way today as it did way back then. Visiting this region is a real adventure and explores vast spaces with very few other visitors. Stretching between the Olifant’s River and Babalala picnic site, this fairly stark portion of savanna may receive some of the lowest rainfall but it’s not short of incredible sightings and exceptional scenery. Home to some of the most beautiful riverfront views provided by the Letaba and Shingwedzi Rivers, its also home to some 10,000 Elephants and is the land of the “Big Tuskers”. With 6 different Eco-Zones this region is completely different to the others and its diversity stands out.

These Eco-Zones include:

  • Mopane Shrubveld on Basalt
  • Thornveld on Gabbro
  • Alluvial Plain
  • Sandveld
  • Lebombo Mountain Bushveld on Rhyolite
  • Mopane Bushwillow Woodlands

Some of the unique species that can be found in this region are Eland, Sable and Roan Antelope as well as Tsessebe, Sharpe’s Grysbok and 10 of the Kruger’s Emerging Tuskers also call this area home. The area around Shingwedzi is a personal favorite with exceptional routes and beautiful woodland scenery that’s filled with wonderful birding and lots solitude.

Highlights of the Northern Region include:

  • 2 Main Camps (Mopani and Shingwedzi) with 3 Bushveld Camps (Boulders, Bateleur and Sirheni)
  • 2 Walking Trails (Mphongolo and Lonely Bull)
  • 6 well placed Picnic sites being Makhadzi, Mooiplaas and Babalala.
  • Over 10 important historical sites to enrich the routes.
  • Access through the South/Central Region as well as Phalaborwa gates.
  • Phalaborwa airport is roughly a 30min drive Phalaborwa Gate.

The Northern Region is for the purest and is a personal favorite for its quite laid-back approach, timeless feel and low tourist numbers. We would recommend a minimum 4 night-guided experience through this region to ensure that you get the very best out of your experience.


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