The Far Northern Kruger National Park Region

The Far Northern Region of Kruger is regarded by the locals as the holy grail of Kruger. This pristine, barely touched portion of Kruger sits between Punda Maria Camp, Pafuri Border Camp and Limpopo River border with Zimbabwe. What makes this area so special is the very unique Sandveld eco-zone, which is found around Punda Maria camp and home to some of the best bio-diversity in Kruger. Whilst the area has some of the lowest game concentration it makes up for it with being the Birding Capital of South African and quite possibly Southern Africa. With only 4 main Eco-Zones that support the area, its not the diversity of zones but rather the diversity within the zones that is extraordinary.

These Eco-Zones include:

  • Mopane Shrubveld on Basalt
  • Tree Mopane Savanna on Ecca Shale
  • Alluvial Plains
  • Sandveld

What the Far North offers is diversity wrapped up in some of the most spectacular landscape the Kruger has to offer. From lush riparian zones along the rivers that are home to enormous Figs, Ebony’s and Matumi Trees, to the eye catching Fever Tree forests and giant Baobabs scattered between seas of stunted Mopane. The rich chorus of birdlife and rare elusive antelopes along with giant Tuskers make this garden of Eden the most exceptional Kruger experience of all.

Highlights of the Northern Region include:

  • 2 Main Camps (Punda Maria and Pafuri Border Camp)
  • 2 Walking Trail (Nyalaland Trail and Pafuri Wilderness trail)
  • Possibly the best Picnic site on Kruger with that of Pafuri picnic site
  • Over 10 important historical sites to enrich the routes.
  • Access through the Central/Northern Region as well as Punda Maria and Pafuri Gates
  • No nearby airports so drive in is recommended.

The Far North is very special and we would recommend that every Kruger traveller sees this region once at least. We think the best experience for any guest to truly appreciate Kruger is a 6 Day exploration that take you from the South to the Far North and back. This is the ultimate Kruger experience.

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