Beautiful Biyamiti Camp 

Nestled in the central area of Southern Kruger National Park is arguably one of the best bush camps in the Kruger National Park. Introducing Biyamiti Camp, with its 15 chalets, its a small and intimate camp with classic Kruger self-catering bungalows that have private views over the mBiyamiti river bed. 

Located in the heart of the south, Biyamiti Camp is 45km from Malalane Gate and is accessed along a 18km private road that only can be accessed by Biyamiti residents. The dirt road follows the mBiyamiti riverbed which is a acts as a major catchment and outflow system that flows east into the perennial Crocodile River. The camp itself is positioned in a dense riparian thicket with a canopy of Weeping Boerbean, Jackalberry and Sycamore Fig trees. 

As one of our favorite Kruger National Park Bushcamps, we have had the pleasure of sharing this camp and its location with many of our clients on our 2, 3 and 4 Night Kruger Park Safaris as well as Kruger Park Day Safaris

What makes the camp sos special is its location. Being in the heart of the park and away from any entrance or main connecting route, you have the area all to yourself at sunrise and sunset before any other vehicles arrive. The area is a combination of Marula and Knob-thorn tree savanna with vast expanses of  bush-willow on granite soils to the west and Delagoa thorn on clay to east. The type of savanna diversity offers a very wide variety of mammals as well as great birding along the riverbed margins. Morning drives are can either sop at Afsaal outpost to the west or Crocodile bridge camp to the east. The area in between is fantastic for both Black and White Rhino species as well as Cheetah and Wilddogs. 

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