If you are considering a Kruger National Park Safari BOOK NOW!

Of course we would say that, its what we do right…..But this time its different.
Covid as we all know has changed a lot. With travel restrictions being lifted after 2 years, Aeroplanes back in the Sky and destinations finally opening again there is incredible demand and there is a bottleneck. With Kruger National Park being one of the top Safari destinations in Africa we are now starting to experience an influx of clients and the reality of having to turn many away from their first, second and even third choice experience based on availability. 
The Kruger National Park itself didn’t escape the challenges of Covid and the lockdowns. Between April and September 2020 the parks gates where shut tight and without any visitors where forced to also make some tough decisions on how much of the infrastructure could be staffed and what levels of tourism they could handle. The good news is that every day now the park continues to open up more of its camp infrastructure but not enough to meet the growing demand. 
There is no doubt that if you look at a Kruger National Park Safari what get far exceeds to cost. What the Kruger National Park offers guests is by far the best value for money Safari experience in Africa and particularly if done with your own private guide and open safari vehicle. Its for this reason that we are now seeing an explosion in bookings for Kruger which is create a bottleneck and disappointment. 
The traditional Kruger National Park Safari is one that includes accommodation in one of Krugers Camps and then having your own guide and safari vehicle for the duration of your itinerary. This is the classic safari in Kruger and always will be, its just not the same staying outside and entering in daily and whilst this is the next best option its also comes with higher accommodation costs that can see your Safari almost doubling in cost. 
Another aspect to consider is that sadly many Safari operators haven’t been able to weather the storm of Covid and have either closed entirely or are also running at 50% of their prior capacity which means that they simple cannot accommodate bookings because they don’t have vehicles and guides. 
So in a nut shell, its going to take time for balance to resume but before that happens there is going to be growing demand and we see this happening for the next 2 years with bookings already flooding in as guests are excited to go on Safari and experience the Kruger National Park and South Africa as a destination. 
Conclusion :
If you want to book a Safari in the Kruger National Park you best start booking now to avoid disappointment. Don’t worry about the terms and conditions, most operators have amended these to become completely consumer friendly as a result of Covid…and finally remember that if you want to book a reputable Safari operator in Kruger its likely they will already be filling up quick because of a lack of availability in the market…and you don’t want a “fly by night” opportunist to take you on a trip that should create amazing memories for a lifetime only to fumble the entire experience because of a lack of experience and standards. 

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