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Planning your Safari post the Coronavirus



The current COVID-19 outbreak has definitely disrupted our short term plans but they need not rule our future, heres why.

As Safari destinations go South Africa is a bang on winner and probably the best available on the continent - How can we say this ?

Well besides what the global travel experts say, here are a few reasons we think its right ups there :
  • Highest standards and quality of lodges and national parks across africa.
  • Easy access with one flight in and a 3hr30min drive and you are in the Kruger National Park on Safari.
  • Best infrastructure in Africa as far as airports, roads, hospitals and consumer items (infant certain places are very much 1st work in their offering)
  • The Kruger National Park as a destination offers safari enthusiasts the most diverse safari opportunities for a variety of budgets and some of the best game viewing the African savanna has to offer. 
  • Apart from the diabolical apartheid period, South Africa has maintained a stable democratic society with no risk to travellers. 
  • Our high standards and great infrastructure is divided down in value by the weak currency which makes is SOOOOO affordable for foreign travellers. 
  • Renowned hospitality 
  • Oh and again we have the worlds oldest African National Park and iconic wilderness area - the Kruger National Park.. just incase we didn’t mention that.
So what does all of this mean if you cant plan your Safari today because of the “Rona” ? Well here is the good news, you can still dream and safely plan ahead!
Sure we cant travel today but in the near future we can and its going to be one of the most places and destinations to go for the following reasons :
  • Safari will be the safest way to socially distance
  • After all the indoors time everyone is dying to get into nature and wide open spaces
  • The excitement of vast open spaces teaming with game and the notorious Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino)
  • Easy access and infrastructure of Kruger makes it ideal for couples and family groups
  • No congested beaches and hotels with high traffic and people density 
  • Accommodation options for every budget 
If you are worried about planning your “post-covid” holiday don't be and here's why :
  • Well one certainty is that this to shall pass and wont last forever. We expect in South Africa that normal travel will resume from October.
  • Travel restrictions will be lifted, vaccines will be found and sanity will need to be found outdoors. 
  • As soon as the first peice of positive media hits the press there will be a massive forward shift to restore normality and global economies.
  • 50,000 aeroplanes cannot be grounded, the risk to companies and economies is to great and solutions will need to be found (just until we have that vaccine of course). 
  • Availability will be a challenge for many if they decide to book to late. 2021 is going to be a very busy travel year. 2020 bookings have been moved a year ahead and then of course 
  • To ensure availability and also to secure your spots with the best operators and safest, reliable safaris you will have to book at least 12 months ahead!!! This is a normal reality and will only become more of reality due to the “rona”.
  • As a Safari operator in the Kruger National Park we have already postponed all our clients bookings to 2021 with no charge and should there for what so ever reason be an further coronavirus challenges we will extend as far as 2022 with no change in rates. 
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