As the famous National Geographic photographer Dewitt Smith said, we have to change our lens and as we do so it helps us change our perspective. What this pandemic has shown us is that we live in a world of fear and Covid certainly has had a grip on us all at one stage or another during the past year and a half. The question your probably asking is what does this have anything to do with Safari and the Kruger National Park ? Well out does, and a lot actually. 

What we have seen and experienced from this pandemic is the way that it has gripped us with fear and given us a lens of doubt, hopelessness and negativity. You watch the news for 15 min and its doom and gloom. A few days ago i watched the most incredible Tedtalk by (as mentioned) the famous National Geographic photographer Dewitt Smith. It was breath of fresh air. The world didn’t shake, comets didn’t fall from the sky, but a simple and clear message prevailed. A clarion call. What he’s said was no fundamentally true and the simple change in perspective and putting a new lens on our outlook, liking smiling for no reason, offer an incredible message of hope. What he’s said and explained was the that the National Geographic had a simple philosophy. What they told their photographers was to simply go out and “capture was was right in the world”. For myself and the Safaria philosophy this couldn’t be more accurate and true and really resonated deeply. 
At Safaria we have been grappling with what our true propose is for a while, in the Safari space. In Kruger National Park. We are not Big 5 chasers, we don’t see nature as a commodity, and we don’t do what we do because of money. Their is a far greater purpose for us and our calling to this, and its more than just our own passion for the wilderness. After a year and half of basically no business and really feeling like a ship thats hit an iceberg, we have been asking the question why we still run the course and trust and hope for what we do. This is simple message defines that. We don’t just take our clients on Day Safaris in the Kruger National Park or Overnight Safaris in the Kruger National Park because we thinks its find and its a means to a business. NO!
We do what we do because not only is it our passion but because it allows us the offer our clients a alternative perspective. Using nature we share hope, perfection, joy and ultimately we this theatre of wilderness shows us “whats right in the world”. Its shows us that there is some much to be thankful for and appreciate. Its beauty and perfection brings hope and joy and for us there is no greater reward than seeing our clients experience that joy in nature. 
So come and join us and lets celebrate whats right in the world through nature. 

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