Just how Safe is travelling to the Kruger National Park Safari post Covid ? 

October 2021 

For many travellers post Covid their are so many concerns around South Africa, Safari and the Kruger National Park that they don't know what to think or who to believe about the safety of a trip. 
We have just completed another 6 Day Kruger National Park Overnight Safari with clients from Germany and wanted to share with you their experience and their feedback. 
Our recent guests, a Family of 3, had all had their Pfizer jabs and felt like escaping their bubble in Berlin and with only 8 days to travel they decided that a Safari to the Kruger National Park was what they wanted to do and ask us if we could help plan it for them. 
Their travel plan was very simple. They took a direct flight via Frankfurt on Lufthansa to South Africas Oliver Tambo International Airport and then caught a connect flight on a SA Airlink flight (which takes 45min as opposed to to a 6hr private transfer) to Skukuza Airport in the Kruger National Park. Pre-arrival and Post-arrival in South Africa they had to provide a clear PCR test as well as their vaccination certificate and they where cleared for travel. Onboard the SA Airlink flight ( which we have recently travelled as well) the process was orderly, mask wear mandatory and apart from the plane being sanitised you are also handed sanitary wipes ion flight just in case you felt they missed a spot. 
As with all our Kruger National Park Safaris, they are private bookings and exclusive to each couple, family or group. Our family arrived at Skukuza Airport an on arrival in the small terminal they where again sanitised, temperature checked and once the screening document was complete they where met by myself on the other side. As a side note all our Safaria Guides have received both Pfizer Covid vaccinations. 
Once all of these protocols had been completed, luggage was packed on the back of the Open Safari Vehicle, masks came off and the fresh wide open spaces embraced their smiles and the sense of going and getting lost in search of Big 5. 
In the Kruger National Park ever destination such as a Camp, Camp shop, Restaurant or Public restroom, they all have pre-entry requirements to sanitise hands and wear a mask in a public space. If you are eating at a restaurant the waiters all wear masks, tables are sanitised for each patron and their are signs every where indicating that there is continuous strict adherence to these protocols when serving food. Its really overkill but all designed to ensure that there is a sense of control and peace of mind. Also each patron and staff member is temperature checked. 
If you are staying overnight in the Kruger National Park your Bungalow is of course cleaned and sanitised prior to next guest arrival, this is a standard hotel procedure regardless of where you go done through all of the Kruger National Park Camps. 
On this particular 6 Day Kruger Park Safari our clients itinerary included overnight stays at Satara Camp, Letaba Camp and finally Skukuza Camp. This itinerary was designed to get them out of the busy Southern Kruger National Park and take them up the Central and Northern Kruger National Park region to experience the vast open spaces, less tourists and reduce the amount of contact with other travellers - even though they didn’t mind at all and felt confident that their vaccinations. 
What does a day on Safari in the Kruger National Park look like in the new post-ish Covid world look like ? Firstly lest start by saying that the camps in Kruger itself (the accommodation as well will depend on you and what you prefer and what your budget suites ) are bungalows that are separated and each couple or family would have their own stand alone bungalow with onsite bathroom and kitchenette. This is not hotel style so you are not on top of people walking down isles and elevators but you have space. Mornings will start with coffee and tea and then we head out on Open Safari Vehicle for the day. If we are doing a longer trip we may move to a new camp or if we are staying in the same camp we will either go out for a few hours and then stop at another camp for breakfast or return to the camp we are staying at. Whilst we are out its just you and your partner or family on a Open Safari with miles of open wilderness, Big 5 animals and loads of fresh air. Our meal stops are as mentioned at other camps and the relevant measures are in place to ensure your safety but as for the rest of the time its all about nature and relaxation, connecting with the outdoors and getting away from the bubble that you have been trapped in for the past almost 2 years. The Kruger National Park or any Safari for that matter is probably one of the safest holidays that you could have post Covid pandemic but we do only advocate that you make sure you have your vaccinations (all of them) prior to travelling anywhere. 
South Africa as a destination is also one of the best that you could possibly travel to. The reason for this is that we have wide open space and where our tourists will travel we have 1st world standards and medical care to give you the peace of mind needed to know that should anything need medical attention we have it covered. If you have any doubts or any questions i welcome you to reach out and send me an email so that i can help clarify and offer comfort and direction - send you questions to [email protected]
We also understand that it has been difficult to travel and make holiday plans in such uncertain times but travel is now opening up and all operators have amended their terms and conditions to be as flexible as possible to assure our guests that we have their best interest at heart. 
We are ready to take you on Safari in the Kruger National Park. The possibilities are endless and their are Safaris for every budget but don't hesitate, it is safe and we are ready to welcome you, look after you and offer you a truly wonderful-filled Safari experience through the Kruger National Park. 
Visit our international site at www.privatekrugerparksafaris.com and check out our Private Safari Villa options as well for alternative options.

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