Let Nature Restore

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Let Nature Restore

May 26, 2017

One would naturally expect a safari business to share wisdoms in African tradition or perhaps educate on all the wild characters in the wilderness, but on the odd occasion, there is the opportunity to also observe and reflect.

So here’s to taking a brief moment to reflect that there is a humility and seasoned wisdom to be learnt in the theatre of the wild.

There is a way that things work. This is possibly one of the greatest lessons we can learn. Many would agree that you couldn’t just walk through life in any which way you want. Or perhaps you can but there will be consequences. Jump into the ocean without knowing how to swim and you will sink. Walk up to an angry elephant and he will charge. Run your finger over a knife’s edge and it will cut you. There is a way that things work and how crucial it is for us to learn. I regard the wilderness as the greatest teacher of all. Yes, mans knowledge is vast and has been collected, curated, taught and improved over centuries, but it is truly insignificant in comparison the evolution and perfection of the natural world. It’s no wonder that many of sciences’ greatest discoveries come from nature. Needless to say it has also revealed the healing effects of nature on the human spirit as well as proclaiming that nature makes you kinder.

In nature, there are no software programs you can download to quickly solve a problem. You cant ignore the way things work, you must be taught by it.  Nature creates a platform for humility and wisdom, which brings peace, understanding, and knowledge.

On the opposite side of the natural world, we have an artificial one. A man made one that can in many varying degrees be controlled. It has given us many inspiring creations and achievements that the human race can be very proud of. Again, on the other hand, it’s also produced the majority of mans greatest atrocities.  The man-made world has a sort of split personality which in character is full of pioneering innovation and human advancement but at the same time a world that’s at war with its self.  The flow of our man-made world is very adverse to the design and flow of the natural world.

So what can nature personally do for us as individuals? Well, as a mere observation, and that’s all it is. If one looks back over the centuries at iconic individuals, in their journals and rhetoric there is always one clear and evident character trait that comes through. In every instance, there is always a proclaimed break away to nature. A clear and definite embrace for wilderness. In some cases, its been a great journey of self-actualization and in others a simple afternoon doddle through the park just to clear the mind.

It’s these acknowledgments that lead us to believe that every person needs a regular break away into nature. To let go of the artificial and have an encounter in the “theatre of the wilderness”. To allow nature’s healing hand to wash over the craziness of life and hit the rest button. One of the special privileges of being a wilderness guide is seeing the effect that nature has on a person. It’s a very powerful tonic.

So the signal observation and recommendation that we can make is to take advantage of every opportunity to get out into nature and let it re-focus, re-direct, and re-ignite.

In the words of John Eldredge  “only when we ourselves have been restored can we again take our place as kings and queens in creation”.

Let nature restore.

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