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November 23, 2017

We recently took a family of 4 on a privately guided 6 Nights and 7 Days Safari of the central and northern Kruger National Park.  We are often asked what this entails so we wanted to share with you to give you an idea of what to expect.

Leaving White River on our first morning we departed at sunrise for the Kruger Parks Orpen Gate. We met our family in Hazyview where we packed luggage and cooler boxes of food and beverage that our guests had planned for the trip. This is something we do offer but holidays are often about those special items and our guests had a few so they were happy to buy and pack their own food. Together we traveled the one and half ours through Bushbuck Ridge to arrive at our first stop of then journey – Orpen Gate.  After having been checked in our guests boarded there private Open Safari Vehicle and we began our journey through the Kruger Park.

Seeking total solitude and wilderness we selected two northern Kruger Park Camps that we felt would give our guests a unique perspective of the Park and its terrain. These Camps where Mopani and Letaba.  Both set in unique savannah, these camps gave us an opportunity to explore the wilderness above and below either allowing us to traverse great areas and see the contrasting terrains, flora and fauna. Needless to say it was a great success.

On our first nights arrival at Mopani Camp the temperature soared near 40 and the conditions perfect for the first evenings braai and supper with a few cold beverages to follow. Being in Camp and enjoying the atmosphere is part of what creates the magic in the Kruger Park. It’s the smell of the thatch huts, the crackle of the evening fire, the sounds of all the birds and the friendliness of both the Camp staff and fellow guests. When you put this together with being in one of the greatest Bog 5 destinations on earth and add all the history and heritage you have that special Kruger magic.

Day 2 arrived and we had planned a full day safari making Shingwedzi Camp our focus. We planned a route that would include a few of the significant historical sites with lots of water points along the way to increase chances of good game sightings. A quick bowl of cereal and a strong cup of coffee and we where off. Now here is where selecting the Guided Kruger Park Safari really takes your experience to the next level. Our guests couldn’t have been more excited. They weren’t sitting in a closed vehicle, they where seated on a luxurious Open Safari Vehicle with an expert guide filled to the brim with knowledge and story telling to create a narrative and experience that they would have simply missed on a Self-Drive Safari. One of our guests commented “ this is like staying at a fancy lodge with all that exclusivity but for a fraction of the price yet all the excitement ”. And they were completely right. After many previous trips to the Kruger National Park they were experiencing it in a unique and uncomparable way. They had all of the classical Kruger Park sensations like the smell of gum poles and thatch, the rondavel accommodation, the typical self catering do it yourself meals,  chit chat amongst the locals and the evening sounds in Camp. With these sensations they now added their own private Safari Guide and vehicle. Our guests where in heaven.View more safaris in the Serengeti 

To fast forward, every morning and every evening we provided insights to the area and terrain and created excitement for the next days adventure. Listening to our guests and their expectations we created daily routes that went in seek of specific game species, birds and vegetation. We created a platform for them to learn and experience more than ever before in their beloved Kruger National Park.

After 3 nights in Mopani camp we made our way South to Letaba Camp. As we could only check in after 2pm we used the day to explore Olifants area and we were not disappointed. We had lions hunting early morning and great sightings of large Elephant herds around the river at lunch. After having enjoyed a lunch at the Olifants Camp restaurant we made our way down to Letaba and checked in just after 3pm. Our accommodation was a one of the beautiful family cottages and had 3 on-suite bedrooms and the aircon was going full blast. A huge relief in the 40-degree weather. After returning from a sundowner safari drive we settled in next to the fire and listen as the lions brought down a buffalo in the riverbed below. It was a very special evening indeed.

The following day we traversed the wilderness around Letaba camp around Letaba Camp and had the opportunity to see one of the existing big Elephant tuckers – Halwha – feeding in a Mopani shrub thicket. Its not often you see these great beasts and our guests where stirred with excitement and appreciation for this beautiful creature. On our return to Letaba Camp we introduced our guests to the member in charge of monitoring these large Elephant tuckers and they spent some time listening with awe.

On our last day we set off from Letaba Camp early making our way for Skukuza and then finally Phabeni gate. This was a long journey but it gave us a chance to highlight the special moments, places and sighting our guests had experienced. Having seen the Big 5 and experienced some unique and remote places there was a sense of euphoria that glazed over all our guests’ faces. The last few days had been remarkable. From being charged by buffalo to watching lions hunt and ticking off a few new birds our guests smiled from ear to ear. They had a Kruger National Park experience that after many prior trips went straight to the top of the list.

Let us create your personal Kruger Park Safari Itinerary with Private Guide & Luxury Open Safari vehicle.

A privately guided Safari is one where your dedicated guide creates an exclusive and personalised experience for your family or travel group. This includes Kruger Park Camp selection, logistics, administration as well as the overall Safari experience. Over an above that your Safaria Guide is an expert in the surrounding landscape and creates a unique storyboard and narrative designed around your personal Safari expectations. Your experience becomes an entirely customized one focusing on your personal interests, needs and desires.

Our Guided Kruger Park Overnight Packages are a unique service designed to take all the administrative work and logistics out of arranging your personal Kruger National Park Safari. Safaria offers advice, knowledge, and experience to guests wanting a hassle-free Kruger Park safari. We offer this to corporate organizations, families with children and couples looking for an exclusive safari breakaway. Your Private Safaria Guide becomes the personal booking liaison between you and the Kruger National Park. We ensure that your bookings are placed and a personalised itinerary provided for daily from the camps selected.

These include personal experiences, childcare, disabilities, photography, astronomy and special interests are catered for. Our goal is to create an experiential Kruger Park Safari that engages our guests in the African wilderness whilst also providing much needed rest and relaxation. On our Game Drives we introduce our guests to animal tracks and signs as well as all the Fauna & Flora. Your Private Safaria Guide leverages the local rangers and trackers to establish a very specific storyboard that is designed to enrich your experience.

Your Private Safaria Guide becomes your personal liaison, wilderness specialist, familiar face, storyteller and host. This personal touch ensures that you learn more, see more, understand more and ultimately have a deeper and more connected experience with Africa and its cultures and wild spaces.

A Kruger National Park Safari experience makes use of local camp accommodation from the deep south to the far North. Accommodation varies from tented rooms to family cottages and is on a self catering basis. Every camp has a restaurant as well as convenience store so should guests wish for a more convenient option of eating out this is available. Alternatively one can create their own menu daily from one of the camp shops.

We provide our guests with a full Kruger National Park (SANParks) booking solution along with transfer logistics and most importantly an expert guide with luxury Open Safari Vehicle for the duration of the requested accommodation dates.

Let us plan your next Kruger National Park Safari, contact us to help you make the best decision.

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